Dear followers;

Recently, I reblogged a post about meat not being humane. Shortly after a follower reblogged with their own input added. Yes, I was kind of offended.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I’d just like to point out that this is my blog. Therefore I can post whatever I wish. For me this blog pertains to what is on my mind, my beliefs, my secrets my thoughts and desires and just whatever else. I am a vegetarian and damned proud of it. So yes, I will post as many animal photography and facts about vegetarianism/veganism as I wish. Got a problem with it, there’s an unfollow button for a reason.

It is not in my nature to push my many beliefs onto people. When asked (as I frequently am) about my diet, I’ll answer any question to the best of my ability. That includes adding my own thoughts about the subject. But only when asked. I don’t have any intentions of pushing anything on anyone. If I did, this would be a blog of veganism not about me.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photography allows us to see the world in a new light. The beautiful, the bad and the good. It makes us think and allows us to change our perspective on certain things. I think nearly everyone on Tumblr can agree with this, as nearly everyone’s blog is dedicated to photography.

As a vegetarian, I do hope for a revolution for animals in the future. However, I have no delusions that one day all animals will be our friends, not our dinner. But for any revolution to occur, facts need to be vocalized and people to need to accept there wrong doings. Where would be for example without people like Martin Luther King, Jesus or Gandhi even? The point is, I think reblogging or posting photography pertaining to veganism is an amazing way to get the facts out (: It is, in my opinion, just as affective as posting any other such photography about abuse, violence, homelessness, love etc.

The point to all this is; by posting such things I’m not attempting to make you all go off meat even if that would be wonderful. I’m not attempting anything, but to allow you to see things in a new perspective. To get the facts. This is my blog. It’s my online voice but more importantly my outlet. Again, if you take offence to what you see or disagree with any or all of it, then kindly click the unfollow button and make both our tumblr experience a better one (:

-Yours Truly (:

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Posted on Monday, 13 June
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